More than 700 million liters of biodiesel are traded in the 54th ANP auction

The 54th auction of Biodiesel of the ANP took 733.9 million liters of the fuel, being almost 100% (99.9%) of this volume coming from producers holding the Combustível Social label. The value was traded at R $ 1.546 billion, which caused the devaluation of 28.4%, compared to the reference price that is R $ 2,944 a liter.

The presentation of the biodiesel offers began on 04 April, with 34 producers offering a total volume of 872,380 million liters. Only on the first day of the selection of the offers, 651,830 million liters of biodiesel were sold from producers holding the Social Fuel stamp, around 74.7% of the total for the entire auction.

Biodiesel Auctions are intended to comply with Law 13.033, published in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government, on September 24, 2014, which establishes that the minimum mandatory percentage of addition of biodiesel to diesel fuel sold to the final consumer, From March 1, 2017, is 8%.

The 54th Auction seeks to guarantee the supply of biodiesel in the domestic market during the period from May 1 to June 30, 2017, in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, as well as the criteria established in Public Bid Notice No. 001 / 17-ANP.

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