Brazil and Mozambique seek partnership in gas sector

“Mozambican companies can establish partnerships with Brazilian companies in order to have eventual agreement to transfer technology and produce goods under license to meet the demands that arise in the local market,” said Sérgio Ferreira, Oil and gas specialist at the Brazilian Agency for the promotion of exports and investments (APEX).

Sérgio Ferreira spoke in the context of a meeting between Mozambican and Brazilian entrepreneurs about the participation in the oil and gas sector.

APEX has a program aimed at fostering technological partnerships between Brazilian and foreign companies in the oil and gas sector, Ferreira said.

According to Ferreira, the conditions under which Mozambican gas will be explored are similar to those of Brazil, which opens up a potential for collaboration between companies in both countries.

“As Brazil already takes some experience in the energy sector, we are willing to help Mozambique to avoid the mistakes we made,” he said.

Abreu Muhima, President of the mineral and hydrocarbon and energy resources in the Mozambican Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA), said the country has experienced partners to make the most of the energy resources.

“Bring your knowledge and technology together and we will embrace the Rovuma Basin and develop,” he said, referring to the still unexplored reserves of the Mozambican basin of Rovuma, in the northern region.

Muhima stressed that Mozambique has experience in coal exploration, but is a new actor in the extraction of natural gas.

“We have to create projects to provide services to these large companies such as Exxon Mobil and Anadarko,” he concluded.

The Anadarko consortium announced on June 18 that it will invest 25 billion dollars (22 billion euros) in the development of a natural gas plant in the Rovuma Basin, northern Mozambique.

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