Changes in the law of gas pleases companies

The Gas law (PL 6407/2013) that fosters the Natural gas industry and amends Law No. 11,909, of March 4, 2009, was recently filed by Deputy Silas Câmara (PRB/AM) and it seems that the new proposals were received positively by large Consumers, traders and energy producers, in addition to the aluminum, ceramics, glass, chemical and chlorine-alkali industries.

The companies that felt benefited by the bill, sent a letter to the congressman who showed support and confirmed that the changes could bring important consensus between the links of the production chain and the natural gas sector. In addition, the associations pledged not to sponsor amendments to the project to accelerate the processing of the text.

The new text brought changes in the current legislation with negotiated access to essential infrastructures (flow, processing and terminals of liquefied Natural gas – LNG) and the regime of hiring capacity by entry and exit in the offering of services Natural gas transport.

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