Navy confirms: oil has already reached the Southeast

For the first time the oil found on the beaches of the Northeast, reached the southeast of the country. Small fragments were found on the beach of Guriri, in the municipality of São Mateus, Espírito Santo, and taken to the Institute Studies of the Admiral Paulo Moreira Sea which confirmed to be the same found in the Northeast.

In addition, materials were also collected for analysis on the beaches of Urussuquara and Barra Nova, also in São Mateus and Pontal do Ipiranga, in Linhares. The arrival of the material on the beaches worries merchants and residents. Last Saturday, the mouth of the Mariricu River was closed by city officials after authorization from the State Institute of Environment and Water Resources (IEMA).

In a press conference, the governor of Espírito Santo, Renato Casagrande, said that the state is preparing and working in a planned way to reduce the impact. "Our first concern is for the environment. The oil on the surface water slide. But we don't know yet the impact of this oil under the water line. So our first concern is with the protection of estuaries, mangroves, the mouths of rivers. Second concern is that we can transmit security to residents and tourists," he said.


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