New facilities in Macaé receive investments of R $5 million

Located in Macaé, the Manserv inaugurated at the beginning of 2017 1 Centre for the maintenance of offshore platforms that produce oil and gas in the Marlim fields and South Centre, in the Campos Basin. R$ 5 million were invested in new facilities occupying an area of 13000 square meters.

The Manserv offshore repair center will be also responsible for the manufacturing of structures, pipes and valves, as well as your transport to the platforms, installation and maintenance in areas such as welding, electrical, instrumentation, scaffolding and painting, among other services.

The Manserv is a brazilian company with 30 years in the market, focused on providing services in the areas of maintenance, facilities and logistics. To the city of Macae, which in the years of the oil boom in Brazil, it was known as the Princess of the "black gold", the company's investments fell like a glove, in a moment in which it is intended a turnaround in oil production in the world and in Brazil.

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