New MP of the electricity sector benefits Northern region

Provisional Measure 998/20, a new measure for the electricity sector, proposes transfers of resources from the Energy Development Account (CDE) to distributors in the North region, and the granting of a discount on the electricity bill of consumers in the region. The MP also seeks to readjust the angra3 project, placed as a priority. In addition, it changes the subsidy to renewable energies – such as small hydroelectric, wind and solar – that paid less for the use of transmission networks, arguing that these sources have gained competitiveness in recent years.

According to an estimate by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the tariff on the electricity bill will fall about 5% in the Amazon, 13% in Roraima, 9% in Acre and 11% in Rondônia. To offset part of the cost, funds reserved for research and development will be relocated to the Energy Development Account.


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