Ocyan opens registrations for oil and gas sector

Until May 15, Ocyan is open to registration to welcome startups with innovative solutions for the oil and gas sector. The proposals must be registered on the company's website, www.ocyanwaves.com.

All products or services must meet questions submitted by the company. The selected startups will be supported for the development of an on-site pilot project, and may become suppliers or ocyan partners. There will be 5 challenges selected by the company, including: Intelligent Alarm Management System; Digital Twin do BOP (Subsea Blowout Preventer); Real-time BOP fluid analysis; Failure Prediction and Management topdrive hoses and self-service in warehouse.

To be approved, startups must prove the development of at least one viable and small-scale tested product or that is on the market. It is also necessary for entrepreneurs to be more 18 years of age and have availability to attend the meetings in Rio de Janeiro, January and Macaé, which will only be scheduled in person after the control of the Coronavirus pandemic.

"The launch of the program was maintained, even in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus, because Ocyan believes that, in this way, it can contribute to the opening of new opportunities for small businesses, which even with all their capacity can be impacted from the crisis that plagues most of the Countries. As the first phases of the program are made in a fully online, even people in isolation can initiate participation" said the director Ocyan Offshore Production Company and Ocyan Waves leader Rodrigo Lemos.


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