Oil spill Detection Market Grows

Oil and gas leak detection market Grows

Gases and oils are toxic substances that when they come into contact with the environment, cause pollution and are responsible for the loss of biodiversity, destroying habitat in the seas or ashore. According to a report released by Zion Market Research, in the last two years there have been increased occurrences of oil and gas spills in the oceans.

On the other hand, the global market for leak detection equipment in pipelines and pipelines predicts the growth of 6.8% in six years. Until last year, investments in this area were of US $2.75 billion. Studies indicate that up to 2025 should reach the US $4.5 billion mark.  

Who is in the business knows that such equipment does not guarantee the total prevention of leaks. However, its increasingly accurate detection tools enable the discovery and faster solution of problems, preventing pollution from taking larger proportions and degrade the environment.

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