Brazilian oil now has minimal biodiesel

According to CNPE Resolution No. 16, of October 29, 2018 and Order ANP No. 621, of August 6, 2019, from now on Brazilian diesel oil will have minimal biodiesel in its composition.

The decision entered into force earlier this month and was disclosed by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). Now, the minimum percentage of biodiesel in diesel oil will be 12%, and the maximum value set up by the standard is 15%.

According to the schedule determined in the resolution, the biodiesel content in diesel oil will increase by 1% per year until it reaches the maximum percentage of Established. The first increase occurred previously in September 2019, 10% to 11%. Finally, the ANP information is that the posts can continue to selling the current product to the end of their stocks.


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