Oil in NE: Commission discusses impacts and actions

A public hearing held by the Commission External Oil Spill in the Northeast to discuss ecological impacts socio-economic developments, response, recovery and monitoring actions and calculation of disaster-related responsibilities.

The Ceo of the State environment of the State of Sergipe, Gilvan Dias dos Santos; The coordinator of the Laboratory of Analysis and Processing of Satellite Images of the Federal University of Alagoas, Humberto Barbosa; the director of the Institute of Biology of the Federal University of Bahia, Francisco Kelmo Oliveira Santos; The CEO of HEX Geospatial Technologies, Leonardo Barros; The professor of the Chemistry department of the Federal University of Sergipe Alberto Wisniwewski and researcher at the National Institute of Space Research (Inpe), Paulo Nobre.

Congressman João Daniel (PT-SE) justified the invitation to many researchers due to the presence of several universities, foundations and organizations that are involved in the search for information and in the realization of research on the disaster. Mr Carlos Veras (PT-PE) intends to investigate whether there is hydrocarbon residues in sandy soil and water from the oil-stricken locations.


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