Double-sided panels promise to innovate solar energy

In today's solar energy market, there are no double-sided solar panels that are mobile, that is, panels that have a mechanism that moves them according to the direction of incidence of the sun's rays – as well as a sunflower that "follows the sun". However, a study by the Singapore Institute of Solar Energy Research revealed that solar panels that use dual-sided or mobile technologies produce more energy and are more economical than ordinary panels. The study was published this week by the website Joule.

Another issue encompasses panels that are double-sided, or that is, they can capture energy, both from the sun's rays that come from above and of those who come from below, reflected by the ground. These panels are already more that the only and fixed ones – which are currently able to convert about 22% of the light in energy.

Thus, the question that arose is: what if the two technologies come together in a single panel? What Singapore researchers did was add the technology of double panels to the mechanism that makes them Mobile. Thus, each equipment uses two panels that move to follow sunlight and capture it with maximum efficiency. However, despite the advantages, doubling the amount of panels per equipment means doubling the concentration lead in the same environment. In addition, if the soil is covered to optimize the reflection of sunlight, it may undergo long-term changes.


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