Panorama Offshore is a source of information and promotion of business in oil industry

In addition to providing a highly informative portal, providing reliable and relevant news to the interested public and companies active in Brazil and offshore market in the world, the Panorama also leverage search Offshore strategic communication of organizations and promote their businesses in the energy sector, oil and gas.

Having the understanding that new technological tools are important to the spread of information in this new century, the Panorama as well as offering differentiated information on offshore and onshore world in your portal, also has two products that assist in the dissemination of information and expand even more communication system, are the Newsletters Three Tuesday "Panorama" reserved ".

The first is a "live" online newsletter, which every Tuesday is sent to the e-mail address of registered users containing three relevant news of the day. Already the Panorama is a newsletter, which contains numerous analyses and comments on the main news on the linked Panorama Offshore market of oil, gas and energy.

As well as the Three Tuesday, the Panorama Reserved is also sent by email every Thursday. Are you interested in receiving these two products of the Panorama? Sign up on our website ( and receive interesting information and differentiated on the offshore world.

Stay informed about everything that happens in the area of oil, gas, energy, fuel, gasoline, pre-salt, Petrobras, onshore and offshore. Register in our portal and continue to follow an offshore overview. Remember: your company goes through here. Check out:


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