Panorama Offshore points out some training referrals

It sounds like a biblical title, but it isn't. The Offshore Panorama, news portal, after reaching audience of good to great, eclectic, involving companies, institutions of size, CEOs, Bachelor, professionals in search of relocation, others with postgraduate in and abroad with one foot in Brazil, which in Request information about the cities of Maricá and Macaé, besides the city of Rio de Janeiro, and proximity to the ports of Great productions, FPSOs, these professionals, there of our audience, are in one point: want to develop more professional growth and Business, reconciling in this trajectory startups, investments, acquisition of exploration areas, production and services.

We have advertising spaces in the portal Panorama Offshore and for strategic communication, "advocacy" and/or crisis management – crises management from the communication advisory, or strategic communication that we do well. We indicate to these questions the sites of IBP, ANP, MBA from Coppe/RJ, FGV, single (Renovabio), Petrobras, and the addresses of companies that participate in auctions of the assets of the Brazilian oil company. In view of this verve, Panorama Offshore points out some training referrals, as well as at the end of the matter indicates a brief vocabulary practiced in the sector.

PETROBRAS – The company has created an interesting series that points out responses to situations that seem new, but are in vogue, in the day-to-day, before the evolution of the pre-salt, the great negotiations, called the journey to knowledge. There, you can learn from Ph.D. About time measurement, what to learn about giant waves, remotely controlled robots subsea, pioneering technologies on the pre-salt, five sources of alternative energies – geothermal energy, tidal energy, wind energy, Solar Energy and garbage ( Remember the film "Back to the Future", that the fuel was garbage used by Doctor Doc Brown – actor Christhofer Loyd), and more: material made available, like 5 books for you to dive into science. Access is free on the Petrobras website. Oh, there's still another page 10 answers to get doubts about our gasoline every day.

IBP – The Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas, biofuels and energy goes ahead. Offers specialization courses, contains a sector-specific report in its portal of previous years, dinners and events for CEOs (Chief executive Officer – or executive directors), opportunities for presentation of technical papers at Oil & Gas 2018 – The deadline ends on March 2; See on Https:// Already the courses for the oil, gas and biofuels market with classes taught by more than 200 professionals and specialists, over 100 themes of 13 areas of the segment and average of 32 hours of duration to train and qualify professionals in the area in Rio de January. All in partnerships with universities and professional training institutions such as the French Petroleum Institute. Please note: The courses mostly have affordable costs and benefit ratio.

ANP – The National Agency for Petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels is the main regulatory agency linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The ANP was created to meet this huge market of production and extractivism, in a legal plant that regulates the activities of the petroleum industry, natural gas and biofuels consolidated in the system of legislation of the ANP, which is updated daily by Publications of acts, norms and laws in the Official Gazette of the Union and provides all the regulations since 1998.

In the ANP you find in the system all regulations organized in resolutions, technical and administrative ordinances, normative instructions, authorizations and disorders. In addition to all the technical information on royalties since 1999, for example, more the regulatory system, legislations, and where the agency operates, the ANP Content Center maintains a collection of videos, images, various publications, presentations and lectures, Statistical data to notes and technical studies.

There in the ANP portal or even in your library, there is how to know how each municipality receives royalties, through the manual of calculation of royalties, that Panorama Offshore passes here. (click.)

Vocabulary – It is common in the magazines of the entire segment a content summarizing in English words (without xenophobia), and players understand and sail in reading in open sea in a boat with no wind. Or even those in Portuguese, that by the continued use of the market, gave a what of meaning somewhat different. Example: Commissioning. In Caldas Aulete, commissioning indicates that: it is masculine noun. > 1. Act or effect of commissioning. > 2. delegation of provisional power. > 3. Appointment for position in committee or temporary function. Already in the offshore segment, oil and gas, means "is the process of ensuring that the systems and components of a building or industrial unit, platform etc., are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to the needs and Operational requirements of the company, state-owned institution. That is, in that platform or industrial unit for commissioning there can be no minimum error, hence the search for certifications, ISOS – International Organization for Standardization or International Organisation for standardization, standards.

A few words and terms:
Bunker – Fuel to supply ships.

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and construction) – Company or group of companies responsible for the implementation of the phases of a project, procurement of material and contracting services, aiming at the construction of a particular work.

Feedstock – Refinery input, the blend or crude oil mix that the refinery processes.

Floating, production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO) – Floating unit of production, storage and transfer of oil built from a ship.

(Photo of a probe ship, preferably from Shell.)

FPU (Floating production unit) – Floating production unit.

High grade bond – obligation classified as high quality by Standard & Poor's (Triple A) and Moody's (double A) classification services.

Bottom-Up methodology – methodology for atmospheric emissions inventory that uses information on energy and fuel consumption in each source emitted by an installation, enabling the individualized management of each source.

Top-down — methodology for atmospheric emission inventory using consolidated information on total energy and fuel consumption in an installation or set of installations; does not allow management.

QAV – Aviation kerosene.

Riser-vertical portion of a flow line to transport the oil/natural gas from the well to the platform. Flexible ducts that connect the submarine lines to the production platform.

Turret – Anchoring scheme consisting of a tubular-type structure, has bearings, fastened to the bottom of the sea by a system of cables and restraints. The system allows the ship to be able to rotate and stay aligned to the natural forces of wind and tide.

These are some of the technical terms that best suit the needs of understanding a text about offshore, oil, gas and biofuels. The following three were close and without alphabetical order for better understanding:

Upstream – Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

Midstream – Commodities storage, transportation and commercialization.

Downstream – Refining and distribution of derivatives (supply).


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