Perenco buys new fields in Rio de Janeiro

Last Wednesday (9), Petrobras reported that the sale of the Of the fields of Pargo, Carapeba and red, located in shallow waters on the coast Of the state of Rio de Janeiro, for the company Perenco Oil and gas of Brazil LTDA (Perenco) was completed. A payment of about US $324 million was Made to the state, which add up to the US $74 million paid in the signature of the Contracts.

In an official note, Petrobras said that the operation is aligned with the optimization of the portfolio and the improvement of capital allocation Company, which seeks to generate value for its shareholders.

The production system of these fields is integrated and consists of On seven platforms of the fixed jacket type (stationary production unit of the Fixed type, non-floating, and based on the concept of modules, widely used in Shallow water).

The field of Pargo was discovered in 1975 and the fields of Carapeba and Vermelho in 1982, having its production started in 1988. These concessions were awarded to Petrobras in 1998 in the so-called Zero bidding round.


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