Petrobras Schedules auction of ferries and equipment

Petrobras will promote an electronic auction for the disposal of ocean ferries, cranes and traction machines. The bidding is scheduled to take place on September 17th. The information was issued in a note by the company itself.

The following batches will be auctioned: BGL-1 and BGL-2; Service Ferries-1,-3,-5,-6 and-8; Liebherr Crane and the CPM-250 and CPM-600 traction machines. Lots are already available for public visitation, and can be visited up to 20 days before the auction date.

The "electronic trading session" will be carried out through the Petronect Portal ( auction number 19057. Potential buyers can participate in the domestic and international markets.

The sale is associated with the disinvestment plan of the state, which aims unilaterally in the cost reduction and economic recovery of Petrobras.

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