Petrobras to sell areas in Espírito Santo Basin

Petrobras initiated the stage of disclosure of the opportunity (Teaser) of more assets of oil wells for exploration and production. The sale encompasses the production fields of Peroá and Cangoá, and in the concession BM-ES-21 (Malombe Discovery Plan), located in the Espírito Santo basin, including the production and drainage facilities, as well as the land gas pipeline until the arrival In the Cacimbas Gas treatment Unit (UTGC).

The oil company obtains 100% of the participation of the areas of Peroá and Cangoá, located in shallow waters, whose current production is about 900,000 m³/day of non-associated gas, and 88.9% in the exploratory block BM-ES-21, located in deep waters, in which is the discovery of Malombe, in the post-salt.

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