Petrobras production falls in the second tri

The total oil production, LGN and natural gas from Petrobras in the second quarter totaled 2,630,000 barrels of oil equivalent/day (boed), with a high of 3.8% before the first quarter, but a 1% decline in the annual comparison, State reported, which also revised Production targets for the year 2019.

The production of oil and LGN totaled 2,050,000 barrels per day (bpd) in the period, with an advance of 4.1% in front of the first quarter and a drop of 0.5% against the same period of 2018, according to production report released in the early hours of Thursday.

“Despite the increase in production in relation to 1Q19, the results were lower than the initially predicted,” said the state, citing operational difficulties in Buzios and unplanned stop on a platform in the Lula field. “Consistent with our commitment to transparency, we changed our production target to 2.8 MMboed to 2.7 MMboed, with variation for more or less,” the company said.

“The oil production projection is 2.1 MMbpd ranging from 2.5% to more or less,” he added.

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