Petrobras: benefit for the few and loss for many

Petrobras, which at the current time of economic recovery has a new policy of practically monopolistic prices, achieved significant profits in the second quarter, thus benefiting shareholders who had their remuneration relative to this year, anticipated.

With profits mainly from sales of diesel, gasoline and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), the amount disbursed for advances (about R$ 31.6 billion) reflects that the "refreshment" for shareholders is tied to the weight in the consumer's pocket. Thus, the population finds itself even more hostage to prices that are increasing, causing many to find themselves in the situation of having to replace even gas with the use of firewood.

Without forecasting a drop in the value of its products, the company that is in a situation of victory, is in the sights of unions that fight against the decision of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court). This, last July, overturned the decision of the TST (Superior Labor Court), which in 2018 forced the company to carry out the salary correction of its employees.

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