Petrobras will be able to review pricing policy after the ANP's public consultation

State President said the board will expect results from the public consultation to assess whether to keep daily adjustments. Director of the ANP denied that there is government interference in the market.

The president of Petrobras, Ivan Monteiro, said on Thursday (7) that the state will wait for the outcome of the public consultation promoted by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) on the periodicity of the readjustments in fuel prices for the End consumers to then set the course of their pricing policy.

"We will wait calmly and we will contribute to this public consultation, and take the decision on Petrobras ' commercial performance after the result," Monteiro said in his first statement on the subject since taking over the Petrobras command after Peter's resignation Relative. He briefly spoke with journalists at the end of the fourth round of pre-salt sharing in Rio, from which the state came out as an operator of three of the four blocks bidding.

Petrobras ' pricing policy, which provides daily readjustments to more or less, according to the prices practiced on the international market was implemented in July last year and was placed in check during the recent trucker strike.

"Petrobras today practices the daily readjustment in the specific case of gasoline within the policy of its commercial performance that it has today. It is important to wait for the outcome of the public consultation of the ANP, in which we will contribute, within the pillars of freedom and competition, "emphasized Monteiro

ANP denies intervention in pricing policy

At the opening of the auction, the Director-General of the ANP, Decius Oddone, made a point of emphasizing the free trade in Brazil and denying that there is interference from the government in the formation of fuel prices.

"No one thinks to intervene, nor interfere in anything. The formation of prices in the country is free and will remain free, "said Oddone in the opening speech of the event.

At the end of the auction, questioned by journalists on the subject, he pointed out that the public consultation announced by the agency on Tuesday does not represent a state intervention in the fuel market. "It is not a consultation on how this price will be formed," emphasized Oddone by explaining that the consultation is about the periodicity of readjustment to the final consumer.

"We will not interfere in the formation of any company prices," said the director-General of the ANP.
Oddone argued that "the less regulation is regulated, the better" is for the market. He has redeemed that "all regulation is interference" and that "every month ANP approves reference prices for all and no one talks about interference." Source: Globe, G1

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