Petrobras Distributor announces net profit of R $263 million in the second quarter of the year

The Petrobras distributor announced net profit that the second quarter of this year was equivalent to R $263 million, and the company BR presented an increase of 21.2% in the net revenue. In addition, the figures also show the growth of 5.6% in EBITDA, profits before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, which was adjusted to the value of R $508 million, the company also expanded its network of posts in 243 units in relation to the quarter of the year Previous.

The truckers ' strike generated an impact on the transport segment, with a lower demand for energy damaging mainly the sales of fuel oil and green Coke. In total, the sales volume was 4.2% lower in the second quarter of this year.

In the part and marketing (large consumers, aviation and special markets), the gross value showed growths of 14.9%, having an adjustment of R $19/m³ to R $143/m³ in 2T17 and R $164/m³ in 2T18. Already the fuel distribution segment suffered a decrease of 1.4% between January and June of this year. By the month of April, the market recorded growth of 2.3% in the annual comparison.

In July, the company BR paid shareholders interest on equity (JCP) that are related to last year, the sum is equivalent to the approximate gross value of R $0.59 per share. The company will also pay additional dividends of R $433 million to be paid by 30 September of this year, but there are possibilities for payment to be forwarded.

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