Petrobras faces fuel thieves

Petrobras has faced another problem in Brazil: millions of dollars in fuels are being stolen to be sold on the black market. According to a securities archive of August, and statements made to Reuters by representatives of Brazilian petroleum SA, the theft of oil pipelines from the state rose to 261 incidents in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

The crimes cost the company: More than 150 million reais per year, Petrobras CEO Roberto Castello Branco said at an event in June. According to the police, most of the robberies are practiced by groups of criminals who even have trucks, companies and gas stations in retail.

"Thieves surround the product through companies, such as asphalt companies, whose operations require large amounts of petroleum derivatives. They also sell to unscrupulous owners of petrol stations, damaging the legal competitors in the price, "reported Simone Sibilio, head promoter of the Organized Crime Unit of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Sharing strategies

To prepare and reinforce security, Petrobras has been counting on the help of foreign investors, such as France Engie as. The company told the Reuters website that it is working with Transpetro through TAG (a piping system consisting of three lines, five compressor stations, auxiliary equipment, plus two entry points and an exit point), to increase the Foot patrols and reinforce physical barriers, as well as other measures.


In combating thefts, Transpetro is spending R $100 million to finance a program that includes about 50 employees, whose goal is to trace the methods of oil thieves and pass this information to police, according to an anonymous source of High-ranking company. In addition, a direct channel was also created for the public to report the theft.

The president of Petrobras, Castello Branco, asked for tougher sentences. The company is also close to signing formal agreements with Pemex of Mexico and Ecopetrol of Colombia to facilitate the sharing of strategies, the source of Transpetro said.

And even if the number of thefts remains high, the project seems to be working, since, by the end of July, fuel robberies in Brazil fell 33% compared to the same period of 2018.

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