Petrobras close to contract terms in refinery works

Petrobras signed a contract with the Consortium Conenge SC/Possebon for the completion of the construction of the Abreu e Lima refinery sulphur (RNEST), located in Pernambuco. The work will resume in the next few weeks.  The service is for completion of the Acid water treatment unit (UTAA) and treatment with methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA), and their interconnections.

The works are required for operation of the first set of units (1 Train) of the full load of your RNEST 115,000 bpd.  The RNEST is operational from 2014.

These two units are the responsible for the treatment of liquids and gases resulting from the production process of low-polluting fuels, such as Diesel S-10 (diesel with up to 10 parts per million of sulfur), generating sulfur-rich load to the SNOX unit.  This last unit will produce so the sulphuric acid product with various industrial applications such as in the production of fertilizers and mineral processing.

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