Petrobras closes third quarter with net profits

R $266 million was the net profit acquired by Petrobras in the third quarter of 2017. Although it was somewhat below expected, the result represents a positive data compared to the same period last year, when it was an errand R $16.4 million.

In the accumulated of 2017, the net profit of the company added R $5.031 billion, when in 2016, the state was in red with the loss of R $17.3 billion. According to Petrobras, the result of net profits was achieved due to higher net exports of petroleum, derivatives at higher prices, sales volume of derivatives in Brazil, gained by selling the NTS, among other issues.

Moreover, the state produced the total 2776 thousand barrels of oil/day of oil and natural gas, being 2,660 thousand barrels/day in Brazil, which raises at 3% the percentage recorded in the same period of last year. The data shows that Petrobras, gradually, is able to rise.


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