Petrobras will return more than one hundred areas of oil to the ANP

According to the National Petroleum Agency, ANP, Petrobras will have to return or auction oil areas, on land and in shallow water, because it is not investing enough in the development of the fields.

There will be more than one hundred areas chosen in the field basin for return. Petrobras has 90 days to decide the future of the regions. If they are auctioned, they will have to ask a regulator to have the bidding done on behalf of the State for the sale of the fields to the market.

The director of the ANP, Decius Oddone, reported that the objective of the replacement is to stimulate the oil industry, but it opens doors for another entreguismo of the national patrimony for European state and, consequently, contributes to the profit of the companies and not to the Development of the country.

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