Petrobras lengthens stock deadline on Argentine stock exchange

Petrobras reported last Monday (4), that decided to extend the trading period of its shares on the Stock Exchange and Markets ArgentineS S.A. until next Monday, November 11. Until then, the state had communicated that it would close on November 4 its transactions in that Market.

After the closing of the trading session next Monday, at 5 pm, the company’s shares will no longer be listed on the Argentine stock exchange. However, Petrobras has already warned that for four months after delisting, Argentine shareholders will be able to use BBVA Banco Francés to advise them to sell their shares on the Brazilian stock exchange (B3) with the brokerage costs paid by Petrobras.

After the period, BBVA will remain available for six months, however, shareholders are expected to pay 0.04% of the sale value of the shares.


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