Petrobras pays US $2.95 bi for the end of foreign collective action

The Brazilian state has held an agreement that proposes to pay US $2.95 billion to foreign investors who bought shares of the company in the American real estate market. Petrobras ' intention is to end a collective action against oil, which runs in new York, United States, and accuses the company of harming investors to buy more bonds while there was a corruption scheme that then devalued the company.

The action was filed in 2014, after the revelations of the Operation Lava Jet and the decision by an agreement was given from the fact that, for Petrobras, a trial could entail even greater risk for the image of the company and could raise the payment to be made by the state after the disp UTA Legal.

In note, the company said that "the agreement, which will still be submitted to the judgement of the American Judgment, aims to terminate all the current demands that could be proposed by investors in Petrobras ' shares and bonuses acquired in the United States." The text also states that "agreement does not constitute the recognition of guilt or the practice of irregular acts by Petrobras".

Through the agreement, the Brazilian company will pay the indemnity of US $2.95 billion in three instalments: two in the value of us $983,000,001 of US $984 million. The total amount of the agreement will be provisioned in the balance sheet of the fourth quarter of 2017. The payment is figuratively acknowledging the company's guilt, because when it wakes up not going to justice, the state ends up shooting itself in the foot, when it is said to be a victim of the situation. How can the victim be guilty?

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