Petrobras will pay $10 milhões by the oil spill in Ilha Grande

Brazilian oil company Petrobras will have to pay a fine of 10 million R$ to the city of Angra dos Reis, South of Rio de Janeiro State, by the oil spill in the Bay of Ilha Grande, occurred in 2002. That was the decision of the second panel of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

The principle had already been imposed a fine by the State Union in the amount of 150,000 R$. However, the municipality of Angra dos Reis appealed after Petrobras have claimed that the local government could not impose the fine, since the Union had already done, which would give the impression that the Union would replace the ticket Hall.

But, according to the understanding of the Supreme Court, the penalty established by the Union does not preclude the imposition of penalty for municipality, especially for environmental damage occurred in an area of Angra dos Reis.

The trial has been concluded and the decision should be published in February, after the recess of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ). The fine can be still considered small in comparison to the huge environmental damage caused by oil in the Bay of Ilha Grande, which houses several marine species.

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