Petrobras profits R $10 billion in the second half

Petrobras profited R $10 billion only between the months of April and June, being the best result since the second semester of 2011. These numbers led the company to occupy 4th place in the ranking of financial results of oil companies, getting to US $3.4 billion Shell, the first placed. The data was released by Economática consultancy.

The billionaire profit of the state is due to the appreciation of oil in the international market-in London the barrel of oil went from us $67 to us $74, from the first to the second quarter. This increase reflected strongly in the practices of the State, which invested in the growth of oil production in the pre-salt and raised fuel prices to alarming values at gas stations.

Despite the profit obtained in the second half of this year, the company still has a indebtedness of R $284 billion and bets on the daily readjustment of prices and the sale of assets to liquidate the debt.

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