Petrobras promotes projects for innovation in the offshore sector

The state launched a new announcement of the program "Petrobras Connections for Innovation-module Startups" for research, development and innovation projects (P, D & I) with the elaboration of technological solutions for the offshore sector. The initiative is geared towards startups and small businesses and provides the budget of up to 10 projects, in six areas, with investment between R $500,000 and R $1.5 million.

The project will act through challenges based on the creations of products, vehicles or softwares, in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, energy storage, uptake and utilization of CO2, among others. Interested parties should register until September 22nd through the website of the Brazilian Support service to Micro and small enterprises (Sebrae) and will have up to two years to develop the project.

The disclosure of the results of the first stage will be in October, where will be evaluated the impacts of the project for Petrobras, ease of implementation, technical capacity of the team, degree of innovation, among others.

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