Petrobras: starts the sale of stakes in generators

Petrobras started the stage of dissemination of the opportunity (called a teaser) regarding the sale of its holdings in five companies electricity generation system. They are Brasympe Energia, Energética Suape II, Potiguar Thermoelectric, Companhia Energética Manauara (CEM) and Brentech Energy.

The teaser contains the main information about the opportunity and all eligibility criteria for selecting participants. It is available at this link. Moreover, the operation is within the strategy of optimizing Petrobras' portfolio, in addition to seeking to improve the allocation of capital aiming at maximum value for the shareholders of the state-owned company. Petrobras currently owns 20% of Brasympe, 20% of Suape II, 20% of TEP, 40% of CEM and 30% of Brentech.


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