Petrobras goes steady to the goal of R $21 bi this year

As a strong company of the 8th largest economy and 5a in the world population, seeking to reach the goal US $21 billion and leave the red until the end of 2018, Petrobras, one of the world's largest producers of oil, now displaces the monopoly of the Brazilian natural gas industry to concentrate Air in the production and exploration of the pre-salt.

In the face of the sale of the growing assets, one of the largest electrical companies in the world, Engie, aims to buy a large part of the state's pipelines, as well as the Total French, 2a in the liquefied natural gas market (LNG), which has a 50% share of two gas-powered plants and the Import terminal rights in Brazil.

To achieve the goal, the Brazilian government via Petrobras, is selling a number of assets, which includes gas fields, pipelines, thermoelectric, distributors and much of its gas stations, mainly in South America-opened the capital of BR distributor, company also from Petrobras.

With the sale in 2016 of its gas distribution assets in the southeast to a consortium led by Brookfield Energia, for US $5.2 billion, now Petrobras receives offers by the Northeast Pipeline network, interest also French company Engie of "eye" in approximately 4.5 Kilometers of pipeline extension. The value of the negotiation can reach the figure of 6 billion dollars.

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