Oil decline can generate consequences for the price of diesel

The decline of international oil quotes can cause reflexes in the revision of the diesel subsidy program, which took place last Wednesday (1), according to the decree that set the July discounts. The recent figures will be published in another decree, which is being drafted by the government.

The decree must also determine the revision of prices from the end of the second phase. In the early stages, Petrobras and other state were limited to selling diesel at fixed prices, ranging from R $1.9681 in the northern region to R $2.1055 in the south. Given this, the Government committed itself to pay up to R $0.30 per litre of subsidy to companies, and the value varied according to the price set by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

With the fall in the price of oil and currency, the expense of the 54 days of the second phase was below the expected and could lead to a decrease in the price of the sale of diesel during the next phase.

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