National oil production has new fall

The average oil production in Brazil in February reached 2,080,000 barrels per day (bpd). The result represents a 1% drop in comparison to the Anteior month. According to Petrobras, the lower volume is mainly due to operational occurrences in the P-18 and P-20 platforms, which operate in the Marlin field, in the field basin; And in the floating unit of production, storage and transfer, FPSO City of Angra dos Reis, which operates in the field of Lula, in the pre-salt of the Santos basin.

The production of natural gas, excluding liquefied volume, was 80.5 million cubic meters per day (m³/d). The result represents a high of 2.3% compared to January. The reason, according to Petrobras, is the increase in production in fields of Amazonas, with the termination of maintenance in the compression system.

The total production of petroleum and natural gas from Petrobras in February reached 2,690,000 of barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed). of this volume, 2,590,000 boed were produced in Brazil and 99000 boed abroad. Still according to the company, the total production operated by the oil in its own parcel and with the partners, was in 3,320,000 boed, but for the most part, 3,190,000 Boed, was in Brazil.

Overseas, oil production reached 61000 bpd, maintaining the previous month's Landing. Natural gas production reached 6.4 million of m³/d.


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