Pipeline opens under the eyes of Putin and Xi

On Monday (2), Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping oversaw the inauguration of a pipeline that will transport natural gas from Siberia to northeastern China. The opening up the flow generates an economic and political impulse in the relationship of countries, since it consolidates China's position as the largest export market of the Russia.

With 3,000 kilometers long, the pipeline emerges in Heilongjiang, which borders Russia, and heads to Jilin and Liaoning, the main grain hub of the China. The structure will transport gas from the fields of Chayandinskoye and Kovytka, in the siberian east — a project expected to last three decades and generate 400 billions of dollars for Russian state coffers.

By video conference, Xi told Putin that pipeline newly inaugurated is "a historic project of bilateral energy cooperation". "This is a genuinely historic event not only for the market energy global, but above all for us, for Russia and China," confirmed President Putin.

In addition, Moscow also intends to launch two projects: the pipeline Nord Steam 2 submarine for Germany and the TurkStream pipeline turkey and the european south.


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