Possibility of ample privatization values Petrobras

In an interview on Thursday, April 25, President Jair Bolsonaro stated that there is room for the broader privatization of Petrobras. The announcement “beats the hammer” to the statement made by the Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, last week, when he stated that Bolsonaro had no resistance to the idea of selling the state.

The speech of the President of the Republic has already caused “uproar” in the market making Petrobras ‘ actions jump. The PETR4, which operated stable at the beginning of the trading session, rose 0.51% to R $27.74, while the PETR3 rose 0.26% to R $30.66. The oil company’s voluntary dismissal program (POS) was also one of the factors that made the numbers move. The company plans to withdraw 4300 workers and expects to save more than R $3 billion up to 2023.

The appreciation of the Black gold ended up aligning itself with the advances of the state, breaking the US $75, the barrel. Brent was traded at US $75.01, 0.59% high, while the WTI, quoted in New York, had a slight decline of 0.02% and was the US $65.88.

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