PPI should appreciate areas without bids at auction

The Special Secretary of ppi (Partnership and Investment Program), Martha Seillier said the areas oil and gas exploration that were not auctioned at auctions in the excess of the onerous assignment and the 6th Sharing Round should be assessed at the first meeting of 2020, with the aim of putting them in new bids next year. Before the government will analyze the price parameters of the areas, which were considered Guys.

In mega-auction that raised R$ 69.9 billion, the government offered the right to produce oil in four areas transferred to Petrobras in 2010, during the process of capitalization of the state, however, only the first two had an offer. In consortium with Chinese state-owned CNOOC and CNODC, Petrobras led the Buzios and alone, the state stayed with Itapu.

Secretary pondered that the areas of the decession surplus burdensome have their particularities and that there is still no date for the first Meeting.


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