Pre-salt is fundamental for the development of Brazil

Brazil has natural wealth that could serve as a foundation for economic restructuring. The largest treasure of them is located in the pre-salt, amid extensive kilometers of oil areas along the Brazilian maritime coast.

Through the discoveries of oil reserves, the country had the chance to walk towards a historical development, which would provide Brazilians with a reduction in fiscal deficit, poverty reduction and employment and income generation.

For some years, although slowly, it was believed that Brazil took its first steps on the path of this long road. However, through the stumbling of corruption scandals in Petrobras — fundamental to this development in conjunction with the discovery of pre-salt — the vast investment in the sector has become a multiplicity of sales and privatizations to Private initiative.

The country, which today is one of the largest oil producers in the world and still achieves strategic front position to the great global demand, in setback, is held hostage by imports due to the lack of government investments in the construction of refineries and technology in Sector.

Oil, which today moves the world economy, on the other hand, gradually stretches its value in Brazil, which in the midst of so many lots and bids, regresses at high speed in what should promote order and national socioeconomic progress.

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