Pre-salt oil hires production-sharing expense management system to manage pre-salt projects

System will be developed and implemented by Stefani Scala

By mid-next year, pre-salt oil will put in operation the production-sharing spending management system (SGPP), a digital platform to manage data management of all projects under the pre-salt sharing regime. The system, budgeted in R $14.6 million, will be developed and implemented by the company Stefanini Scala, Company of the group Stefanini, winner of the bid promoted by the pre-salt petroleum and that counted with the participation of nine companies that operate with technology of Information in the Software as A Service (SaaS) mode.

According to Paulo Carvalho, technical director and supervision of pre-salt oil, the new system will contribute to the digitization of the company. Routine tasks currently undertaken will be made by SGPP, as the cost recognition process for each of the projects (such as purchasing equipment, providing services, labor, drilling costs), monitoring of Operations and production of each consortium and verification of oil stock and natural gas volume of each field operated under sharing system.

"Today we are managers of ten sharing agreements and we represent the Union in 23 individualization agreements of production. And the expectation is the growth of our performance. These projects generate a huge amount of data and the new system will allow the pre-salt oil to exercise its activities with more agility and efficiency, "explained Carvalho.

The consortium companies will directly feed the data in the system, securing the information security and integrity of each project. By the platform, pre-salt oil can simultaneously monitor the performance of each consortium and also calculate the production volumes of oil and gas owned by the union. In the future, you will be able to make cost-to-practice compared to each project phase.

"We know the importance of this project for PPSA and Brazil, which motivates us to develop and deliver the project in a way that fully meets the expectation. Stefanini Scala is one of IBM's largest software partners in Latin America and we will use technology from this great manufacturer to develop the solution. We are accustomed to deliver strategic projects to our clients and we are already prepared to immediately start one more of them, "complements José Carlos Pires, president of Stefanini Scala.

About pre-salt oil
Pre-salt oil is a company linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy and has the mission to manage the sharing contracts; To represent the Union in the individualization agreements of production and to commercialize all the hydrocarbons in the Union. Seven production-sharing contracts are now in force. They are: Libra, Carcará (operated by Statoil), Peroba (Petrobras), Cat of the bush (shell), alto of Cape Frio Central (Petrobras), alto of Cape Frio West (shell) and Thrush (Petrobras). In the last 7 days, three other projects were approved in the sharing scheme: Manakin (Santos basin), two brothers (Campos basin) and three Marias (Santos basin).

About Stefanini
Stefanini ( is a Brazilian multinational with 30 years of performance in the market, which invests in a complete ecosystem of innovation to meet the main verticals and assist customers in the process of digital transformation. With robust offers and aligned to market trends such as automation, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and User Experience (UX), the company has been recognized with several awards in the area of innovation.

Currently, the Brazilian multinational has a broad portfolio, which combines innovative solutions of consultancy and marketing, mobility, personalized campaigns and artificial intelligence to traditional solutions such as service Desk, Field service and Outsourcing (BPO).

Present in 40 countries, Stefanini was appointed, for the third consecutive year, as the fifth most internationalized transnational company, second ranking of the Dom Cabral Foundation of 2017.

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