Adjustment of gasoline can be diary

Seeking greater competitiveness in the domestic and international market, Petrobras has reviewed your price of diesel and petrol and authorized the area marketing and commercialization of the company to readjust to more frequent quotations in refineries. In this way, fuel prices may change whenever there is need, including daily.

According to state information, the cumulative adjustments per product must be in the average of Brazil, within a range determined to respect the margin established by the Executive Group of market and prices (GEMP). Any change outside this range will have to be previously authorized by GEMP.  The new guidance came into force yesterday, July 3.

According to Jorge Chang, Director of refining and Natural gas, the company is seeking to act in such a way that the price changes occur naturally, as is the case with commodities in the world. The aim is to offer more competitiveness in the market, reflecting positively to consumer. Future adjustments of fuel prices will be disclosed through the company's website:

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