Gasoline price increases and accumulates 45.7% since February

Petrobras announced an increase in R $2.20 fuel. The price of gasoline increased and accumulated 45.7% since February. In the months of July and August, sales suffered 20% and 12% falls in Sao Paulo, above the percentage compared to the same months of last year.

According to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), between February and August the fuel has risen 7% at the stations of the country. The increase damages both refineries and consumers, which end up having to pay more for the benefit.

With the gasoline high in the refinery, MacroSector's economist and partner, Fabio Silveira, expects a breakthrough of at least 0.40% in inflation in September, and 0.35% in October. The tendency is that the readjustment increases more with the rise of the dollar.

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