Priority is to promote fields in advanced stage

Having as main objective to encourage investments that extend the ability of oil recovery, the PNA said that the priority now is to promote the application in fields that are already in an advanced stage of production. A few days ago, the Agency was closed the regulatory changes for the upcoming auctions of oil and gas, scheduled to take place in September this year.

The Agency's estimates, the increase in reserves recovery in Brazil could generate investment of US $ $18 billion and royalties of $ $11 billion. In this way, the PNA are you proposing the reduction for up to 5% of the tax rates charged on incremental production guaranteed by new investments in fields already in decline, called mature fields.

The proposal of the Agency can be a key enabler for Petrobras to get value the sale of its assets, since the State put a little while ago the mood of the market, 30 mature fields and with the reduction of royalties, will increase the chances of more investors arrematarem.

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