National oil production reaches 2,790,000 barrels

The Brazil once again exceeded expectations in oil production in deep and ultra-deep waters. In September, Petrobras oil and natural gas increased to 2.57% extraction, bought the month of August and in total were produced 2,790,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), being produced in Brazil and 2,680,000 boed boed 106,000 abroad.

On the standardization of the operation of Itaguaí City and Fpso town of Marica, both operating in the field of Lula, in the pre-salt Santos basin, which had held stop program, only the average petroleum in the country was of 2,170,000 barrels per day (bpd) , volume 2.8% higher than the previous month.

While natural gas, deleted the volume was liquefied 81.5 million cubic meters per day, 2% before August. Of the total gas produced on platforms of 97% has been tapped State, a new monthly record.

In the pre-salt layer, there was also growth in production of oil and natural gas in September. The total volume was 1 .68 million boed, 6.6 percent above the month August.  This elevation, increases the expectations of the market and rewarming encouraging offshore sector in Brazil, especially with the proximity of the next rounds of bidding of the pre-salt.

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