Offshore professions demand good physical form

The daily life of a professional inserted in the offshore branch is usually different from the others. The work takes a great deal of its time, Since these are usually boarded in the long run and have a routine Stressful. Such a situation generates a greater need for these workers to be Able both psychologically and physically, and this includes age, height, Weight and mainly physical and mental health.

The repair of the apparatus used to pump oil, for example, well Preparation of the drilling machine and various other activities in the Platforms require a good worker shape. Thus, realizing the importance Good physical conditioning to perform functions in the offshore environment, a Academy of the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, the Ecoforma, launched the plan "package Embarked ", made available to this type of professional. The plan, in addition to Offer discounts on tuition up to 50% – since most of these 14 days on land and 14 days on board – it also offers a Specific targeting in the exercises practiced.

Mirreli Simões, administrator of Ecoforma, also highlighted The importance of stretching, yoga and meditation associated with exercise of Bodybuilding that strengthen the spine and the body in a whole.  In addition, the exercises also bring a Higher release of endorphins that help the area's professional to deal with Fears and sorrows during the embarked period.

The Ecoforma is located on the Quitite Road, 362 – Parish/Jacarepaguá, In the APCEF/RJ country office. More information on phones 21 3413-1338, 96455-7356 or still in 21 99199-0000.


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