Upcoming oil auctions can raise R $3.5 billion

The ANP, according to information from the Director-General, Decius Oddone, provides a collection of R $3.5 billion in bonuses with auctions of the 15th round of bids of areas in the bidding, planned to take place on March 29th and the 4th round of pre-salt bids, scheduled for the 7th of June. A fundraiser that can give oxygen to the union's accounts.

With regard to the megaleilão of the areas of the surplus of the costly transfer, the decision on the realization must take place at an extraordinary meeting of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE), which will happen in March.

Petrobras along with several government bodies has set up a commission in order to make progress on the negotiations. In the burdensome contract of assignment, the State had government concession to explore 5 billion barrels of pre-salt in the Santo Basin, at the time in operation of capitalization of the state in 2010. The auction should only happen after approval on the CNPE.

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