PSV Ostreiro just got out of the yard

Another vessel of the Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore just got out of the yard. The PSV Ostreiro was built in China, by the POET, and delivered to the company. This is the last PSV commissioned by the company out of the country. The Ostreiro has a key differentiator, as it is a PSV class Oil Recovery 1 (able to operate in oil gathering), contributing to the environmental safety of offshore exploration and production operations.

This is the 23rd Wilson Sounds Ultratug vessel Offshore, which has 20 PSVs in operation with Petrobras and other two PSVs available for new projects in Brazil. Last month, the company received another PSV, the Penguin. Built by Wilson Sons Shipyards in Guarujá (SP), the vessel is the second PSV 5,000 of the company and was commissioned from the results of the sixth round of the program of offshore support fleet renewal (Prorefam).


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