Renewable Energies x Non-renewable

Energy sources are responsible for the production of electricity, machinery and vehicle supply and can be divided into two categories: renewable and non-renewable.

Renewable Energies are those that renew in a short period of time. They Are considered clean sources, because they are more sustainable and less environmentally friendly.  They are renewable energies: solar, hydroelectric, wind, biofuels, geothermal and sea wave plants.

The non-renewable energy sources, once exhausted, take a long time to appear again in nature, such as fossils – used for the production of petroleum, coal and natural gas – and nuclear energy, which uses radioactive materials in its Production, and cause more damage to the environment, due to the emission of CO2 during its combustion that there is no compensation, unlike renewable energies where for its production is necessary the planting and extractivism in Natura.

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