Researchers develop less pollutant fuel production technique

Researchers developed technology to produce fuels in a less pollutant way in the laboratory of EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural research company) in Santa Catarina, through swine manure and named Biogásfort.

The process is done as follows: the solid residue is separated, and every liquid part goes to a decanter. Then the biodigester produces a gas that is stored in a kind of balloon and inside it all turns into gas.

A gasoline and ethanol powered car would walk about 600 km with 40 liters of fuel, with this new technology it would pass to 250 kilometers with 15 cubic meters of biomethane gas. Scientists believe that the state of Santa Catarina has the greatest potential in production, since it is the largest pig producer in the country.

These studies prove that Brazil has a great capacity for growth and what is better in a sustainable way.

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