The oil reserves Petrobras retreated in 2016

The reserves of oil and natural gas equivalent of Petrobras reached a total of 31 December 13.279 billion in 2016, which ANP/SPE criteria (national agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels/Society of Petroleum Engineers) is 5.7% less than was achieved in 2015.

Another body that also detected recoil in the reserves was the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission, the stock market American Sheriff), using their evaluation criteria, scored in 2016 1 total 9.672 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe), which register indentation of 8.02% compared to 2015, where stocks marked 10.516 billion boe.

The value of the reverse considered effectively by the market are those carried out by the ANP/SPE. But Petrobras uses the criteria of ESA 95% of its reserves in, above all, for the purpose of balance sheet. The main difference between the assessments is the price of oil considered in the calculation of the economic viability of the reserves.

Petrobras reported that in 2016 milhões barrels have been added in recent discoveries and drilling of new wells. The company scored that last year were produced from 925 million barrels of oil equivalent and the replacement of reserves (IRR) was 34%. According to the State-owned, in 2016, the Development Index (ID), which relates the developed and proven reserves reverse, was 50%.