Rio Pipeline 2019 Conference & Exhibition

Currently the offshore World (O&G), is living a transition in the midstream segments (stocking, transporting and marketing of commodities) and downstream (refining and distribution of derivatives) that with the advent of technology and digital media and Businesses have further increased the viability of the sale of Petrobras ‘ costly assets and investments in the country.

From this premise, there is the 12th edition of the Rio Pipeline 2019 Conference & Exhibition focused mainly on the pipeline market, creating moments of great opportunities for the branch and bringing expert to address various issues such as the improvement of Efficiency, quality and also safety in the transport of pipelines.

The event takes place at the Sulamérica Convention Center, on Avenida Paulo frontin, 1, New Town, Rio de Janeiro, from September 3 to 5, with Congresses from 9h to 18h30 and exhibitions from 12h to 20h.

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