Sale of CNG can be made per kilo by 2020

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) recently opened a public consultation proposing a change in the standard of sale of Vehicular Natural Gas (CNG). In this way, the measurement of the volume from cubic meter (m³) to kilogram (kg). According to Inmetro, the change will allow measurements with greater reliability and fewer supply errors to the consumer.

Currently, CNG is marketed at high pressures, being measured en masse by a pump. To get to the fuel tank, the gas passes through a conversion to be presented in volume. This factor, called density, is natural and found in the various types of gas marketed in the Brazil. Density values are provided by distributors of fuel already with a month’s lag and, in addition, are manually inserted in pumps – two steps that favor measurement errors.

The proposal is an advantage for the consumer, as it eliminates errors and removes the possibilities of fraud. In addition, it is also important to for the productive sector, as it promotes fair competition between establishments and favours entrepreneurs who act correctly in the sale of the Cng.


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